Q2: Weekly list of Assignment

Week 1

1a -- Smartphone CER Along with the videos and discussions over the week, read an article describing research on how just your cell phone being near us will negatively affect our thinking and learning. Write a "10% Summary" providing the Main Claim, Evidence and Reasoning.
1b -- Sub: Atom intro 4 page guide: "learning from diagrams and video". The first 2 pages requires drawings, the next 2 pages guide you through a video introducing atomic structure.

Week 2

2a -- Goal Sheet

Decide a worthy challenge related to using your lab book to extend your thinking, specifically consider the "Structure" or "Engagement".

Use the guide provided in class (front & back) to channel your efforts. By the end of week you will have progressed in some ways. Your daily work shown on the guide will demonstrate and record this and ideas for further advancement.

2b -- Atomic Target Practice

In order to better understand how we can know the structure of an atom when it can't be seen, this activity has you shooting marbles at an unknown object to figure out its size and shape.

The guide for this activity provides background information as well as instructions and reflection questions. The activity needs to be performed after school if missed in class.

2c -- Build an Atom

This activity requires the guide and access to the excellent simulation at the PhET website. This assignment was done over several class days.