Q3: Weekly list of Assignment

Week 1* (Jan 21-24)

1a -- Prompts on bonds & Molecules

(Due 1/24)

This is an introductory assignment. It helps you consider and reflect on your ideas of molecules and bonds, two key concepts for the upcoming unit.

Week 2* (Jan 27-31)

2a -- Lewis Dot Diagram Worksheet

(Due 1/31)

Practice writing Lewis Dot Diagrams on this practice sheet to represent the valence energy level of different elements. The first 5:04 of "Mr. Anderson's" video to teach you how to do this.

The back side of this page helps you analyze this work.

2b -- Bonds, Ionic Bonds

(Due 2/4)

Use this activity guide over the several day lesson. The aim of this assignment is for you to come to understand ionic bonding, how this is related to patterns in the periodic table, and practice making Lewis dot diagrams to see their structure.


Week 3* (Feb 3-7)

3a -- Ionic Puzzle Pieces

Building on the ideas of oxidation numbers, you use puzzle pieces that represent ions to learn how ions can combine to form ionic compounds. Use the guide to help you advance through this activity. If you need time beyond what we have in class, come after school to use the prepared puzzle pieces. Likewise, you can print out your own ionic puzzle pieces, cut them out and use them.





Week 4* (Feb 10-14)

4a -- Ionic review & formulas (sub)


Watched 2 videos: the 1st is a review of ionic compounds, the 2nd video is on writing ionic formulas. The activity guide provides further details.



*Note: All assignments from weeks 1-4 will only be accepted until Fri 2/14.